Premises Liability

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What You Need to Know about Escalator Accidents

Escalators in a building

Escalators provide an easy way to travel between floors of multi-level buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial properties. They are especially useful for those who are unable to use stairs as a result of some sort of disability or health condition. While you may step on an escalator without giving it a second thought, accidents involving escalators injure a significant number of people every year. If you have been hurt in an escalator accident, it’s imperative that you contact anRead More …

Parking Lot Slip and Falls

an empty parking lot after a rain

Slip and fall accidents in parking lots can lead to severe injuries resulting from falling on the pavement. Common causes of these injuries include:  Ice, snow, or rain collecting in the parking lot  Water and other spills by others Debris and garbage in the parking lot  Inadequate lighting and signs warning of obstacles in the parking lot  Defects in the pavement such as potholes and cracks Drivers inability to see when backing in or out of parking spaces  Determining liabilityRead More …

Premises Liability Frequently Asked Questions

a person walking up a set of stairs

California’s Civil Code section 3-1714 states that owners and occupiers of property have a duty to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition. California law places an affirmative duty on property owners and occupiers to routinely inspect the premises and make dangerous conditions safe.  What Elements Must Be Proven in a Premises Liability Case? To receive compensation for injuries resulting from an unsafe condition, a plaintiff must show:  The defendant owned, occupied, or otherwise controlled the premises; The defendantRead More …