Slip & Fall Accidents

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Getting an Accident Settlement in a Covid-19 World

Why do Insurance Companies Pay Personal Injury Settlements? The business model of an insurance company is to pay as little money to resolve personal injury claims in Los Angeles and to do that as late as possible. Insurance companies want to hold their personal injury settlement money as long as they can. They simply don’t have the capital to pay all of their claims right now so they pay the claims as they move to the top of the pile.Read More …

Was Your Slip & Fall the Result of Negligence?

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Maybe you were in the store to grab dinner on the way home from work, walking your child to school on a cold morning, or finding your seat in a dark movie theater. Whatever the circumstances, you had a slip and fall that caused your injuries. Do you pay for these injuries out of your pocket? Is someone else liable? Do you have any recourse? A slip and fall injury comes with many questions. An experienced Los Angeles personal injuryRead More …