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Slip and Fall Accident: 4 Things to Do – Full Guidelines 2021

A Slip and Fall accident – when a person slips, falls, and suffers an injury while on the property of another – could be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit. If all of the conditions for liability are met, your chances are good that you will win your case. A slip and fall accident case must meet these four criteria: •Someone had a duty to keep the area safe •Someone was negligent in that duty •The negligence caused the accidentRead More …

Common Area Accidents Apartment and Landlord Liability – 2021

Responsible for the Common Areas

Thousands of people in the Los Angeles area live in apartment buildings or condo complexes that share common areas like lobbies, elevators, pools, and fitness centers, and other Common Area Accidents. Property owners are responsible for keeping these areas in reasonably safe condition. When they do not, residents and guests can be severely injured in preventable accidents, including slip and falls, fires, toxic exposure, elevator accidents, pool and spa accidents, and many more. Fortunately, California premises liability law allows peopleRead More …