Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Case

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Motorcycle Accident

The general public unfortunately does not view motorcyclists with sympathy.  If you are injured in a motorcycle accident by a negligent driver, getting a lawyer is critical. There is a negative attitude toward motorcyclists.  People think of them as reckless, splitting lanes when the rest of the freeway is grinding to a halt.  Misconceptions about “bikers” can obscure the truth about the cause of a motorcycle accident. These negative perceptions persist in insurance adjusters.  They persist in jury members.  Even witnesses and police officers investigating a motorcycle accident can be biased towards motorcyclists.

Our job is to establish clear facts about how the motorcycle accident really happened.  We secure full compensation for all your. Our law firm has strong reputation with insurance companies in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents. Call our firm now if you or a someone you know was injured in a motorcycle accident.

Proving a Motorcycle Accident Case

In presenting a personal injury case involving a motorcycle accident, you must focus on proving fault. The driver of a car in a motorcycle accident often times will blame the biker.  They know the public doesn’t like bikers.  The driver will seek to exploit the public bias against bikers. If needed, we will hire a reconstruction expert to show how the motorcycle accident happened.   We will seek third party witness testimony.  This can often reveal that the car driver’s negligence was the cause of the motorcycle accident. Frequent motorcycle accident scenes involve:

  • A car cutting directly in front of a motorcycle
  • A driver changing lanes adjacent to the motorcyclist
  • Driveway or parking spot motorcycle accidents
  • Stop sign or red light violations of the other driver
  • Lack of attention while driving past a motorcyclist

Getting the Most Money for Your Injuries

Motorcycle accident can result in serious injury.  Motorcycle accidents cause a high number of catastrophic injures and death. Our law firm knows hot to recover compensation for permanent or catastrophic injuries.  We can also get you the most money for fractures, neck and back injuries, disfigurement and road rash. Full compensation for your injuries is what we are after.  This includes, medical bills, lost wages, future care, permanent disability and pain and suffering.

Full Service Representation

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and your bike is damaged and you cant work, you need the right lawyer.  Don’t be tricked by the insurance company.  They might want you to take a quick and easy settlement because they know a lawyer can get you more. If you have a motorcycle accident you want to discuss, we are here to help. Call us at (310) 226-7676 for a free consultation.  We can talk on the phone or you are welcome to come to our law firm in Los Angeles.