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The most common Slip and Fall attorney case is a slip or trip and fall accident. These accidents most commonly occur at restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls. However, the fact that you become injured from a slip, trip or fall does not necessarily mean that the property owner is automatically responsible for your injury. Each case turns on whether the property owner acted carefully so that slipping or tripping was not likely to happen, and whether you were careless in seeing and avoiding the condition that caused your fall.

Slip And Fall Accidents

If you slipped because of liquid, food or other conditions that made a floor slippery, you must prove the following to hold the property owner responsible and have a premises liability case:

The property owner permitted an unsafe condition to exists, resulting in a slip and fall accident (by not cleaning up a spill, warn pedestrians of a wet floor, etc. . . )

The property owner knew about the condition but failed to correct the dangerous condition (by not cleaning the spill, posting a sign, etc. . .)

The property owner should have known about the dangerous condition, because a “reasonable” person would have found the problem and taken steps to prevent injuries caused by the slip and fall accident.

Often people react to a slip and fall at retail store by thinking it is entirely their own fault. Yet, what they may not realize is that the store failed to conduct regularly sweeps of the premises or regularly inspected the premises for water or other items on the floors. We have won damages when owners were lax in maintaining the premises in a reasonably safe condition or their employees made mistakes in maintaining the premises.

Trip And Fall Accidents

In hindsight, you might think that you should have seen the hazard that made you trip. Most likely, other people have tripped over the same obstacle but were lucky enough to escape injury or others were injured but the owner failed to fix the problem. Property owners can be liable for the tripping hazard if they created the dangerous condition, if they knew or should have known about a safety issue and failed to correct it, or due to a building code violation.

Do You Have a Case?

We have prevailed in numerous slip and fall and trip and fall cases, even in cases where other attorneys have declined the case. We have secured substantial settlements and verdicts in cases across greater Los Angeles, winning compensation for people with serious and permanent injuries.

In these types of case,  prompt investigation to preserve evidence and the skill of your attorney can make or break your claim for damages. If you believe the negligence of a business or property owner caused your accident, contact us immediately at (310) 226-7676 so that we can document the dangerous condition before it is corrected. We provide contingency representation and can visit you at home or the hospital if you are unable to travel.