$2,950,000.00 recovered for client. High school student football player neglected by school nurse leading to traumatic brain injury. Carr v Val Verde School District

$2,500,000.00 recovered for client. Nightclub patron falls down staircase used for exiting at closing time and suffers traumatic brain injury. Martin S. v Confidential Night Club

$1,500,000.00 recovered for client. Motion picture production company sues licensee for copyright infringement and breach of contract. Confidential Film Co. v Confidential Major Retailer

$1,000,000.00 recovered for client. Shopper injured at a major big box retailer after tripping on a hose on the sidewalk in front of store. Lynn M. v Confidential Major Retailer

$780,000 recovered for client.  Client was in a parking lot maintained by Westfield Mall and bent over to tie his shoe.  He leaned up against an unsecured parking lot bollard (metal pole separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas) which fell over.  Client fell on top of the bollard and sustained a herniated disk to his back requiring surgery. Julian D. v Westfield Century City

$600,000.00 recovered for client. Television production studio sues major television network for breach of contract and fraud. Confidential Production Co v Confidential TV Network

$250,000.00 recovered for client. Inmate in federal prison deprived of adequate medical treatment for eye injury resulting in partial loss of vision in one eye. Vincent v USA

$250,000.00 recovered for client. Disabled passenger on public bus injured when bus hits large bump after not being strapped in properly. Dupont v MV Transportation

$230,000.00 recovered for client. Patron at major sports event ejected by security guards for use of camera injured in scuffle. Paulie K v Confidential

$205,000.00 recovered for client. Tenant of apartment slips and falls down stairway with chipped paint. Smith v Marquez

$200,000.00 recovered for client. Motor vehicle accident at stoplight resulting in ankle fracture. Gabourel v Hartman.