Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Slip and fall accidents are often far more dangerous than they sound, and some of the most dangerous slip and falls happen on the job. If a Slip and Fall Accidents at Work leaves you injured, don’t delay consulting with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney. 

Workplace Hazards

The National Safety Council (NSC) shares some illuminating statistics related to falls on the job, including all of the following:

  • Falls are the third most common cause of fatal accidents overall. They are the leading cause of death in specific industries.
  • Nearly 700 workers died in falls from higher to lower levels (such as off ladders, stairs, or scaffolding), and more than 130 workers were killed in falls that occurred on the same level in 2016.
  • In 2016, more than 48,000 workers were injured seriously enough in slip and fall accidents on the job to require taking time off from work.
  • Construction is the most at-risk industry for fatal falls from heights (by a factor of seven). Still, even desk jobs can lead to dangerous slip and fall accidents. 

Keeping Workplaces Safe

Slip and fall accidents are considered 100 percent preventable, but helping to ensure that they don’t happen on the job takes a considerable effort, including:

  • Keeping the Workspace Tidy and Organized – A clean, tidy, and uncluttered workspace is critical to preventing dangerous slip and fall accidents. Having a place for everything and everything in its place helps to decrease tripping hazards. Further, keeping floors swept and clean helps to ensure that they don’t become dangerously slippery.
  • Wearing Proper Footwear – Some kinds of work, such as construction work and manufacturing, require safety footwear to minimize the risk of dangerous incidents, including slip and fall accidents. In every occupation, all employees should wear comfortable, well-fitting, sensible footwear on the job for safety’s sake.
  • Scheduling Regular Safety Checks and Maintenance – Employers are responsible for keeping the work environment free from unreasonable risks. This effort includes implementing regularly scheduled safety checks for spills, torn or otherwise worn flooring, debris buildup on flooring, and other tripping hazards. This effort is in addition to performing regularly scheduled maintenance that’s intended to reduce slip and falls. 
  • Ensuring Proper Lighting – Without adequate lighting, slip and falls become that much more likely. This includes lighting throughout the workplace and in entryways, stairwells, hallways, and beyond.

Putting forethought and effort into preventing dangerous slip and fall accidents on the job can go a long way toward decreasing their frequency and severity. 

An Experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Slip and fall accidents on the job often lead to serious – even life-threatening – injuries. The personal injury attorneys at Jahrmarkt & Associates in Los Angeles are committed to skillfully advocating for the compensation you need to cover your full range of physical, financial, and emotional damages. Please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 310-226-7676 today to schedule a free case evaluation.