Common Hotel Accidents: What you should know in 2021

a hotel pool

Hotels are meant to be accommodating, and when you book your room, the last thing you expect is to be injured during your stay. Hotel accidents, however, are more common than you may realize, and they are often very dangerous. If you’ve been injured in a Common Hotel Accidents, seek the professional legal counsel of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney

The Hotel’s Duty of Care

As the hotel’s guest, its management owes you and every other guest a duty of care, including maintaining a hotel that meets reasonable safety standards throughout the property. When a hotel fails to meet these standards, dangerous accidents – for which the hotel’s management is responsible – can result. Reasonable in this context refers to those standards that other reasonably safe hotels maintain. 

Common Types of Hotel Accidents

Hotel accidents come in all different varieties, and every claim encompasses unique circumstances. There are, however, several common categories of hotel accidents, including:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents – These dangerous accidents can happen in common indoor or outdoor areas, in walkways and elevator banks, and individual rooms, and they can be caused by spills that are left unattended; tracked in debris; wrinkled, torn, uneven, cracked, or otherwise worn flooring, walkways crowded with unnecessary items, and more. Slip and falls near pools and on stairs are especially dangerous.
  • Parking Lot and Cab Station Accidents – Accidents involving vehicles and people who are on foot are among the most dangerous accidents. When hotels fail to implement adequate safety standards in these areas, the results can be deadly.
  • Pool Accidents – Pools obviously pose serious dangers of their own. Pools that are poorly maintained, pose slipping hazards, have inadequate warnings, or that fail to keep unattended children out can lead to tragic accidents. 
  • Fires – Hotels that don’t employ adequate fire safety standards and maintenance leave guests more vulnerable to dangerous fires. 
  • Elevator and Escalator Accidents – Accidents involving poorly maintained, inadequately serviced, or otherwise faulty elevators or escalators can be especially dire. 

The Components of Your Case

To bring a successful hotel accident claim, the following components must be present:

  • The hotel failed to provide reasonably safe conditions (in specific relation to the accident at hand).
  • The hotel knew about or should have known about the unsafe condition in question. 
  • The hotel failed to take the actions necessary to eliminate the unsafe condition or adequately warn guests regarding the danger.
  • The injury you sustained was directly caused by the hotel’s failure to do so. 

Don’t Put Off Consulting with an Experienced Common Hotel Accidents Injury Attorney

Claims involving hotel accidents tend to be quite complicated. Because your recovery is too important to leave to chance, the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Jahrmarkt & Associates in Los Angeles are committed to building your most robust case and to skillfully advocating on behalf of its most beneficial resolution. We’re here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 310-226-7676 to schedule a free case evaluation today.