Escalator Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries – 2021

Escalators in a building

The constant moving parts and machinery in escalators can be dangerous for the people who ride on them. Escalator accidents happen more often than you think. When they do, one of our personal injury lawyers could work with you to try to obtain financial compensation.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has estimated that there are roughly 10,000 emergency room visits each year attributed to escalator accidents. While escalator deaths are rare, injuries are not. There are a number of injuries that can be attributed to faulty parts on the escalator or poor maintenance. Here are some possible escalator defects:

  • Gaps between the steps and the sides
  • Broken steps
  • Loose screws
  • Mechanical failures

The Dangers of Escalators

Escalators pose a unique danger because of the combination of the mechanics of the system and the height at which people are traveling. If the escalator malfunctions and stops short while someone is on it, they can fall down the entire escalation. Alternatively, someone could become trapped between the steps or the steps. CPSC statistics estimate that roughly three quarters of the escalator injuries are caused by falls.

Both your body parts and your clothing could become lodged and trapped in the escalator. One common escalator injury is when small children get their fingers stuck in the handrail entry. When your shoe or hair gets stuck, it can cause serious injury to your scalp or your foot. Some severe escalator injuries can include:

  • Amputations when body parts get trapped and crushed in the escalator
  • Serious injuries from falls
  • Asphyxiation when clothing gets caught in the escalator

When you or a loved one are injured in an escalator accident, you have legal remedies that could lead to significant financial compensation. There are several possible defendants who may need to pay you for your injuries. 

Lawsuits for Escalator Accidents

The first type of lawsuit from an escalator accident is a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the escalator. The legal theory would be that the escalator itself was either defectively designed or assembled, and it caused your injury. The faulty design of the escalator is a leading cause of injuries. While safety standards were tightened in 2002, not all escalators in operations comply with the new rules. 

The second type of lawsuit would be a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the property where the escalator was located. They have an obligation to the public who uses the escalator to properly maintain it. This includes regular inspections and repairs as necessary. For instance, if you were riding public transportation and fell or were hurt on one of their escalators, you could file a lawsuit against the transportation authority for their failure to keep the escalator in proper working order. 

Experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an escalator accident, you should consult with an attorney to see if you may be eligible for financial compensation. The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Jahrmarkt & Associates can help you in a case against the designer or the owner of the escalator. Contact us online or call us today at  (310) 226 7676 to set up your free initial consultation.