5 Common Construction Site Injuries for Passerby – 2021

A picture of ongoing construction of a tall office building

Construction worksites are not just a danger for those who work on them. The dislocation and disruption caused by these sites also jeopardize the safety of passerby and other people in the area. Here are some common things that can Construction Site Injuries passerby near a construction site:

Falling Debris

When workers are on the upper floors of a construction site, they may not be able to control all the debris. This could include various types of building material. When the wind picks up, or other things happen, this debris could fly from the higher floors of the building and strike passerby below. This is especially dangerous because falling debris gains momentum the more it falls. People walking in the area and motorists in their cars can be struck by falling debris.

The following things can fall from Construction Site Injuries:

  • Unsecured tools
  • Unstable scaffolding
  • Building materials
  • Other loose debris

Debris is not just a danger when it seemingly falls from the sky out of nowhere. Workers may do a poor job of keeping work equipment and other building material within the confines of the job site. Even if the job site is supposedly sealed off from the public, passersby may still slip and fall over equipment and material that is not properly secured.

Tower Crane Collapses

Another large danger is the possibility that a crane may collapse near a worksite. There have been numerous instances of tower crane collapses that have caused serious injury and death to bystanders. This equipment is so heavy that passersby are virtually guaranteed to suffer life-altering injuries when they are struck by a falling crane. Not only is the crane itself a danger, but objects may also fall when they are being hoisted by a tower crane.


A construction site involves exposed wires and works on other utilities. Some of this danger involves underground and exposed wiring near the worksite. This should always be labeled, and the contractor has a legal obligation to secure the area and warn of electrical hazards. This means that they should be clearly walled off and marked. Construction workers may also make mistakes with machines and utilities that can endanger pedestrians near the site. 

Construction Site Injuries


When workers are digging underground, the surrounding area can become unstable. This can lead to sinkholes and other ground collapses that can literally swallow up pedestrians in the area. This danger is particularly acute in the areas near trenches and existing holes because the surrounding ground can be weakened. In addition, the weakened ground can also cause surrounding structures to collapse, possibly on to pedestrians in the nearby area. 

Contact a Construction Site Injuries Attorney

Contractors and subcontractors not only need to protect their own workers, but they also owe a duty of care to people in the surrounding area. Anything that they do that harms pedestrians can make them legally liable. Contact a Los Angeles personal attorney at the firm of Jahrmarkt & Associates online or call at (310) 226-7676 to set up your free initial consultation. If you were hurt near a job site, you might be entitled to substantial financial compensation.