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Pedestrian Accidents May be the Scariest Thing about Halloween

A Jack-o-Lantern with Smoke Coming out of it

Halloween is the spookiest time of year. On October 31, ghouls, goblins, and monsters of all sorts take to the streets for a few tricks and plenty of treats. Families will be out with their children who hope to score big and take home pounds of candy. However, spookier than the vampire making his way down your street is the increase in pedestrian accidents on All Hallows Eve. Even scarier is the fact that Halloween falls on a Saturday thisRead More …

Escalator Accidents: What You Need to Know About in 2021?

Escalators in a building

Escalator Accidents provide an easy way to travel between floors of multi-level buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial properties. They are especially useful for those who are unable to use stairs as a result of some sort of disability or health condition. While you may step on an escalator without giving it a second thought, accidents involving escalators injure a significant number of people every year. If you have been hurt in an escalator accident, it’s imperative that you contactRead More …

Drunk Driving Accidents Can Disrupt Your Labor Day Weekend

A group of people toasting with drinks

Each year, many people across the United States enjoy a three-day weekend to celebrate Labor Day. This holiday weekend marks the unofficial changing of the seasons, and many families see this as the opportunity to have a barbecue, boat outing, or camping trip. Some people use the long weekend as an excuse to stay out late on Sunday night and have drinks with friends since they don’t have to work on Monday.  No matter how you plan to celebrate thisRead More …

Bicyclists in California Have Rights – Full Information 2021

A cyclist on an busy city street

Bicyclists in California Los Angeles is a great place to get out on your bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery while reducing your carbon footprint in the process. The State of California recognizes the dangers inherent to getting around on bikes – without the protections offered by cars and other vehicles – and affords bicyclists rights that are intended to help keep traffic moving smoothly and safely for all who travel on our roadways, including those bicyclists. If a negligentRead More …