Pedestrian Accidents May be the Scariest Thing about Halloween

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Halloween is the spookiest time of year. On October 31, ghouls, goblins, and monsters of all sorts take to the streets for a few tricks and plenty of treats. Families will be out with their children who hope to score big and take home pounds of candy. However, spookier than the vampire making his way down your street is the increase in pedestrian accidents on All Hallows Eve. Even scarier is the fact that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year providing people with the opportunity to have a little too much fun.

An increase in pedestrians alone can mean an increase in the chances of drivers injuring those taking to the streets on foot. Because trick-or-treating typically begins as the sun sets, the visibility of a driver and a pedestrian can become poor. Masks create an issue by blocking the vision of those wearing them. Additionally, young adults and teens tend to use Halloween as an opportunity to revel in the excitement that surrounds the holiday and overindulge in alcoholic beverages thereby impairing their abilities to drive. And while it’s fun to judge all the creative and scary costumes that people come up with each year, this can lead to a case of distracted driving. These factors significantly increase the risk of causing serious injury or death to a pedestrian.

What to do if You Are Involved in a Pedestrian Accident

While we all hope that no one is seriously injured or killed on a night of fun, the fact is that thousands of Pedestrian Accidents are hit by motor vehicles every year, most occurring on Halloween. In fact, during peak trick-or-treating hours, the odds of a pedestrian being involved in a car accident increase by as much as 43% according to a report done by JAMA Pediatrics in 2018. Further, young kids are at an even higher risk of becoming victims of this negligence.

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, the following steps should be taken to ensure you receive just compensation for your injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence:

  • Call law enforcement immediately. It is important that you obtain an official police report containing the details of an accident and any witness statements obtained at the scene.
  • Obtain photos if you can. While insurance and license information is important, your best plan of action to gather important evidence is by obtaining photos of the scene of the accident. These can be photos you take yourself or photos taken by witnesses.
  • See a medical professional immediately. Even if you don’t feel any injuries, issues resulting from the accident could arise later. See a physician and make sure to document all treatments, medications prescribed, and reports from doctors.
  • Call an attorney. A skilled personal injury attorney understands the requirements to prove someone else’s negligence caused your injury and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.
Pedestrian Accidents

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