Hotel Accident and Premises Liability – Details 2021

Hotel Accident

The most common hotel accident in hotel is a slip and fall. The hotel’s legal obligation is to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition. This extends both to your room and the common areas. They are subject to the same legal standard as any property owner who invites the public onto their premises.

As a hotel guest, you expect the premises to be safe. After all, you are paying top dollar for a room at area hotels. This is not just a customer service expectation. It is a legal obligation of the hotel owner.

The Hotel’s Obligation to Keep Guests Safe

Like any slip and fall case, the hotel does not have an absolute obligation to prevent every single accident. Premises liability law accepts that accidents could sometimes happen. However, the hotel owner must take reasonable steps to keep you safe from falls.

This includes the following duties:

●To remedy any dangerous condition that hotel staff created themselves

●To clean up or fix any other dangerous condition in a reasonable amount of time

If you file a slip and fall claim against the hotel, the question will be when the hotel should have known about the danger. For example, if you tripped on the frayed carpet in the lobby, the chances are that the hotel should have seen and fixed it. After all, they presumably vacuum the floor each day. The same holds true if there is cracked or broken concrete outside the entrance or in the parking lot.

Where Hotel Guests Are Injured

The truth is that hotel guests could be hurt anywhere on the premises. These could include accidents or injuries sustained in:

●The gym


●The bar or restaurant (food poisoning)

●Pool or sauna


In addition, hotels also have a major obligation to keep their guests physically safe. One common claim against the hotel is when a guest is assaulted or robbed. The hotel must also provide reasonable security for guests. What is reasonable depends in part on the area and previous reports of crime, but hotels should have security cameras and staff. Otherwise, they could be legally responsible for attacks on their guests.

How to Prove Your Case Against the Hotel Accident

Any claim against the hotel will use the negligence standard to determine whether you are eligible for financial compensation. You can assume that the hotel already owes a duty of care to its guests. Any lawsuit will look at whether the hotel acted unreasonably and that it caused your injury.

Your personal injury lawyer could help you gather evidence that could prove your claim, including:

●What the condition was like before your accident

●Things that show the hotel knew of the danger

●Maintenance logs showing what the hotel did or did not do

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