Single Vehicle Accidents: Who Can Be Held Liable in 2021?

Single Vehicle Accidents

Many injured drivers assume that they cannot receive compensation if they have been involved in a Single Vehicle Accidents. While that is often the case, it is not always true. Here are three other parties who could be responsible for Single Car Accidents.

The State or Municipality

The government has a legal obligation to maintain their roads in good condition for drivers. If they knew or should have known of a defect in the road, they must fix it in a reasonable amount of time. While the government is immune from many lawsuits, they can be sued for negligently maintaining the roads.

If your accident was caused by a pothole, snow that was not cleared in a reasonable amount of time, or a dangerous condition with no warning sign, you could sue the state. You must file the lawsuit quickly because you have less time to sue the government.

The Vehicle or Parts Manufacturer

There are times when you did everything right but were injured when something was wrong with your car. Classic examples of this are when your brakes fail or you have a tire blowout. The manufacturer must provide you with a vehicle or part that is not unreasonably dangerous. Otherwise, you could file a product liability lawsuit against them. You must prove one of the following:

● The Vichele or part was defective, and you were injured by it.

● The manufacturer was negligent in designing or making the car

● The car failed to live up to a number of warranties that are implicit in a car purchase

Product liability lawsuits are not always easy cases to win, but injured motorists have won large damage awards against car manufacturers who sold defective vehicles or parts.

Another Driver

Just because you were not in an actual crash with another driver does not mean that a motorist was not responsible for your injuries. For example, a driver could cut you off and cause you to lose control of your car. Their reckless driving could endanger you to the point where you have an accident taking evasive action.

Remember, negligence means that your injuries would not have occurred had it not been for someone else’s actions. In general, there is an assumption that you are responsible for a single-car accident. However, when you hire a personal injury lawyer, you could gather evidence that shows that someone else is to blame.

You should at least take the time to investigate what happened to cause your crash. Never assume that you cannot recover compensation for your car accident injuries, even if there was not another driver in the crash. Here, you could file negligence lawsuits or make a claim against another driver’s insurance.

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