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Drunk Drivers around the Holidays: Full Guidelines 2022

Drunk Drivers around the Holidays All drunk driving accidents and deaths are preventable, and unfortunately, serious injuries and deaths from DUI crashes around the holidays have become predictable. Based on estimates by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), arrests of suspected DUI drivers this 2021 Thanksgiving period increased by 17% when compared to last year’s DUI arrests over the same period.  The CHP arrested 1,019 drivers during this year’s Thanksgiving period, which started on Wednesday at 6 pm and ended onRead More …

Car Accident Claim: The Weather Can Affect in 2021?

A wet two lane road on an overcast day

Car Accident Claim The rules of the road are dictated by what is safest for everyone who travels on them, which includes safety rules and regulations that are communicated via traffic signs, lights, and signals. Some of the most important traffic signs out there are speed limits, which state the maximum speed at which it is safe to drive (under optimal conditions). Because speed plays such a critical role in so many deadly traffic accidents, speed limits matter, but determiningRead More …