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Watch Out for Drunk Drivers Around St. Patrick’s Day

Drunk Drivers

Parades, street parties, green clothing, and lots of beer are the hallmark signs of St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, where there are parties, there are often drunk drivers too. Education and awareness campaigns have reduced drunk driving accidents by a third over the last decade, yet 10,000 Americans die in drunk driving accidents each year. What is the Problem with Driving Drunk? When someone drives under the influence of alcohol (or marijuana), the driver’s reflexes are significantly slower than normal. ThisRead More …

Drunk Driving Accidents: Financial Compensation for New Year’s

car accident attorney Drunk Driving Accidents

Given the celebratory atmosphere, New Year’s is perhaps the worst holiday for Drunk Driving Accidents on the calendar. Unfortunately, many people feel the need to get behind the wheel, even after they have had too much to drink. The result is that everyone else around them on the road is in increased danger.  For New Year’s 2020, police in California were very busy arresting drunk drivers. They made nearly 500 arrests in a 30-hour span. This amounted to one DUIRead More …

5 Common Injuries During the Holidays – Full Guideline

Common Injuries During holidays

While the holidays are a special time for families to spend together, they also present some unique dangers. Here are five Common Injuries that occur during the holiday season. Some of these may put you in a position where you could file a personal injury lawsuit and receive compensation for your injuries.  Cuts from Scissors and Defective Gifts Believe it or not, the simple practice of opening gifts can even present a danger. You can cut yourself with scissors orRead More …