Bus Accidents

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Spinal Cord Injuries Can Result in a Lifetime of Damage

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries You may require significant medical care for the rest of your life if you sustain a spinal cord injury. These injuries are often caused by accidents. Any injury that results in damage to your spinal cord or spinal nerves can leave you in need of immediate medical treatment. These injuries can result in paralysis, pain, numbness, and other symptoms. Medical science has made major strides in treating spinal cord injuries in recent years. However, you should stillRead More …

School Bus Accidents Can Leave Children Severely Injured

Children getting a school bus

The big yellow bus is an iconic symbol of transporting children to and from school. Fortunately, riding a school bus is relatively safe for children. According to NHTSA statistics, of the approximately 300 school-age children who die in school transportation-related accidents each year, only about one-sixth of them are passengers at the time. The remaining children are passengers in other cars, pedestrians, or bystander/cyclists. Unfortunately, children involved in school bus accidents – whether on the bus or not – oftenRead More …