3 Common Injuries Pedestrian Accident Victims Can Suffer

3 Common Injuries Pedestrian Accident

When motor vehicles crash into pedestrians, the consequences are usually life-changing and Catastrophic Injuries. Some pedestrian accident victims do not even survive. Those that survive severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic amputations, often face ongoing medical bills and months to years of being incapable of working if they do manage to go back to work at all. 972 Pedestrians were killed in California in 2019.

Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI or traumatic brain injury is among the most common and devastating injuries that occur due to pedestrian vs. vehicle crashes, which leads to long-term impairments, disabilities, or death. It occurs when physical trauma stops the brain’s normal functions and is usually known as a silent killer since it can sometimes be difficult to know the extent of the damage.

Depending on the specific type of TBI, the symptoms can be mild to extremely severe and may significantly impact more than one area of the brain. In some cases, even seemingly mild TBIs can be fatal. TBIs also don’t just negatively impact an injured victim’s daily life. Long-term or permanent mental and physical changes or disabilities are not uncommon. Victims may be unable to work, require long-term medical treatments, and experience diminished quality of life.

Spinal Cord Injury

Pedestrian vs. vehicle crashes and motor vehicle accidents are the top causes of SCIs or spinal cord injuries. SCIs can either be complete or incomplete. The most serious SCIs are complete SCIs that occur when your spinal cord gets severely injured and stop your brain from sending signals below the injured area. For instance, a complete SCI that affects the lumbar spinal cord can result in paraplegia, in which the area below the waist becomes paralyzed.

Recovering from a spinal cord injury can be unpredictable and very long. Some injured victims suddenly start walking years after getting injured, while others may never be able to regain any sort of movement at all.

Traumatic Amputation

People can suffer traumatic amputations from pedestrian accidents, motor vehicle crashes, combat injuries, or workplace accidents. Most traumatic amputations stem from traumatic injuries. A severe accident can cause a body part to be torn away or cut off.

A body part can likewise be severely damaged due to severe burns or crush injuries to the extent that it simply can’t be saved and must be amputated. Traumatic amputation treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation will require lots of money, time, and a multidisciplinary approach.

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