Uber Accident: Protecting Your Rights – Full information 2021

view from the backseat of a moving car

According to the University of Chicago, the rate of traffic deaths grew by 2-3% in cities after introducing Uber Accident and other ride-sharing apps. Even worse, this means more than 1,100 deaths. Any type of car accident can be extremely shocking and even disorienting.

When you are riding in a stranger’s car and are paying for your ride, it can be even more confusing and unnerving. The steps you take immediately after and even several months into the future can significantly impact the compensation you receive for your injuries.

A well-versed Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you take every necessary action to ensure your claim’s integrity after an Uber accident.

Seek Medical Attention

First, seek medical attention if you are injured, suspect you have been injured, or don’t feel right. Not only is this a good move for your health, but it also protects your rights. If you do have injuries, you want to create a medical record of them as soon as possible. Be sure to follow all of your medical care providers’ advice and instructions to mitigate your damages.

Ensure a Police Report is Filed

Even if no one appears to be injured in the accident, it is always prudent to call the police. The police officers will investigate the accident, gather information, and create a report.

You can provide your account of the accident, and the officer can also interview any available witnesses. Uber, your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, insurance adjusters, and any other interested parties will refer to this report.

Report the Accident in the Uber App

When you are able, make a report of the accident in your Uber app. Keep in mind that anything you say can be used against you. Do not provide any recorded statements about the crash until you have talked to a knowledgeable Los Angeles-based personal injury attorney.

Keep an Accident Journal

Your accident journal should include several details. First, record the following regarding the accident:

  • The date and time
  • The name of your Uber driver and their description
  • The make, model, and year of the vehicles involved
  • A copy of your police report and the report you made to Uber
  • The names and contact info of any witnesses to the accident

You will also want to write a detailed account of the accident in your own words. Then keep a daily journal about your injuries, how you are feeling, and any activities or events you cannot participate in because of your injuries.

Injured in an Uber Accident? Call an Experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Today

It is essential to be informed about the increasing risk posed by rideshare services like Uber and be mindful of your rights if you are hurt in an Uber accident. One small, seemingly innocent mistake could minimize your compensation or keep you from receiving any payment.

The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner you can be assured that you are doing everything you can to protect your rights after an Uber accident.  Book your Uber accident claim evaluation with an experienced Los Angeles-based personal injury lawyer at Jahrmarkt & Associates. Call (310) 226-7676 or use our online contact form today.