Motorcycle Accidents

A person leaning on a parked motorcycle

Daily increase Motorcycle Accidents in California. Motorcyclists have the same rights on the road as any other motorist. However, many motor vehicle drivers treat motorcyclists as if they don’t belong on the road and fail to pay close attention to their surroundings, putting those operating motorcycles at risk of severe injury or death. Additionally, motorcyclists are at a greater risk of being seriously injured or killed in accidents simply because they are not as protected on the road as those driving cars and trucks. 

Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents 

The negligence of drivers combined with other factors can lead to serious motorcycle accidents resulting in injury or death. These factors include: 

  • Lack of paying attention to other types of vehicles: Cars and trucks are the most common vehicles on the road. Generally, drivers are aware of these types of vehicles. Because motorcycles are smaller and drivers tend to “go through the motions” while driving, there is a higher probability that they will fail to see a motorcycle. This failure leads to drivers cutting off or operating too closely to motorcyclists. 
  • Dangerous Road Conditions: The road condition will have a more considerable impact on motorcyclists than drivers of other vehicle types. Potholes, rain, leaves, and uneven roadways create situations where the motorcyclist can lose control of the bike. Motor vehicle drivers need to respect this fact and maintain a safe distance when operating around motorcycles. 

Common Injuries Associated with Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycles accidents have a higher chance of involving severe bodily injuries and fatalities. Some common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents include: 

  • Lacerations, bruises, and road rash resulting from sliding across the pavement or other surface. Protective clothing made of durable material can help to protect from these injuries. 
  • Concussion, skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and other brain damage. These injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet as required by California law
  • Scars on the face and body and disfigurement. 
  •  Fractures and broken bones, dislocated joints, and loss of limbs and extremities. 
  • Back and spinal cord injuries which can affect daily activities like walking and result in paralysis. 
  • Death 

What Compensation Could I be Entitled to?

As the victim of a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you are entitled to damages that compensate you for past and future losses. These include damages for: 

  • Past and future Medical Expenses
  • Past and future loss of wages, even where your employer provides wages under a policy such as sick leave 
  • Mental and physical pain and suffering 
  • Loss of property 

Have You or a Loved One Been the Victim of a Motorcycle Accident? 

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