Bicycle Accidents: The Right Hook and Dooring Collisions

A cyclist in a road waiting for a traffic signal

California is home to more than 27 million licensed drivers. Sadly, it is also the state with the most pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Here, bicycle traffic deaths have hit a 25 year high. To help improve safety, the government has taken several actions.

However, perhaps the most significant change will come from education drivers who do drive negligently. If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a bicycle accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Los Angeles-based personal injury lawyer. An attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation for those injuries.

What is a Right Hook Accident?

When a driver and a bicyclist go in the same direction, the driver should be aware of where the bicycle is around their vehicle. If the bicyclist is on the right side of the car and the car makes a right-hand turn, an accident will likely occur.

The cyclist could be struck during the car’s turn, or the turning car could cut off the bicyclist, which causes a head-on collision between the two moving modes of transportation. This type of accident is known as a “right hook” and can lead to death or severe injury for many cyclists. 

Right hook accidents can happen due to driver inattention or because the driver underestimates how fast the bicycle rider is going. The bicyclist could also be in the driver’s blind spot. These accidents are common at intersections, driveways, private roads, and the entrances to parking lots. If your bicycle accident resulted from another driver’s negligence, a Los Angeles-based personal injury attorney can help you.

Dooring Collisions and California Statute

When most people think of bicycle accidents, they don’t often think about the potential of an accident from merely opening their car door. However, it is so common that specific laws address the situation. Under California Vehicle Code §22517, it is illegal to open the door of a vehicle on the side of moving traffic unless it is reasonably safe and does not interfere with traffic movement. 

If a driver attempts to get out of a car and hits a bicyclist by opening their door, they are liable for the injuries they cause. Whether the vehicle is parked or stopping briefly for someone to exit, the person who opens the door is responsible for any dooring collisions that occur due to their actions.

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