$2,950,000.00 recovered for client. High school student football player neglected by school nurse leading to traumatic brain injury. Carr v Val Verde School District

$2,500,000.00 recovered for client. Nightclub patron falls down staircase used for exiting at closing time and suffers traumatic brain injury. Martin S. v Confidential Night Club

$1,500,000.00 recovered for client. Motion picture production company sues licensee for copyright infringement and breach of contract. Confidential Film Co. v Confidential Major Retailer

$1,000,000.00 recovered for client. Shopper injured at a major big box retailer after tripping on a hose on the sidewalk in front of store. Lynn M. v Confidential Major Retailer

$600,000.00 recovered for client. Television production studio sues major television network for breach of contract and fraud. Confidential Production Co v Confidential TV Network

$250,000.00 recovered for client. Inmate in federal prison deprived of adequate medical treatment for eye injury resulting in partial loss of vision in one eye. Vincent v USA

$250,000.00 recovered for client. Disabled passenger on public bus injured when bus hits large bump after not being strapped in properly. Dupont v MV Transportation

$230,000.00 recovered for client. Patron at major sports event ejected by security guards for use of camera injured in scuffle. Paulie K v Confidential

$205,000.00 recovered for client. Tenant of apartment slips and falls down stairway with chipped paint. Smith v Marquez

$200,000.00 recovered for client. Motor vehicle accident at stoplight resulting in ankle fracture. Gabourel v Hartman.